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Scan-pack Garment

Scan-Pack Service & Pick-Pack to Store Level:- 

The service program has developed to aim for efficient cost and time saving, as well as for effective distribution. Importer’s D.C. by-pass model becomes a market trend to reduce the maintenance of Distribution Centre at destination country. This end-to-end supply chain flow eliminates double pick-pack handlings, re-distribution cost and time for all pre-sales Orders especially for country whereas logistics and labor cost is relatively high. 

We offer wide-range of integrated service and flexibility with planning, implementation, and service quality assurance. CB Logistics has been specialized in wear apparel industry in USA, Europe, and Australia with years of experience in handling GOH , flat-pack, multi-size of custom-made GOH rackings.

Service specifications:

PO management

PO breakdown

Stores allocation mapping, 

Pick-pack per store level 

Barcode scanning

Buyer consolidation for multiple shippers

Inventory management