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Buyer's Consolidation Service

CB Logistics offers Buyer's Consolidation service that facilitates the seamless flow of shipping logistics and destination distribution. The Buyer’s consolidation service can be performed into 2 categories. 

The Buyer’s consolidation service allows manufacturing companies, end destination buyers, and retailers to bundle products purchased from various vendors in a particular country or region, into one shipment/multiple shipments; loaded into one/multiple containers at the port of loading then that can reduce freight cost and delivery charges at destination. 

When is the buyer's consolidation service need? It is when the buyer :

procures from many vendors on a regular basis 
procures many kinds of goods 
procures on FOB or EX WORKS terms 
prefers to exchange logistics information via EDI with just in time delivery of merchandises 

Origin service:

We can receive cargo from multi vendors at any of our warehouses and custom load containers to suit your requirements. We have excellent facilities ensure the product is efficiently sent on its way to its destination. Your PO can be monitored and ensure that the product is manufactured within the required time under our PO and vendor management program. This helps the customer to save costs on de-consolidation at destination and storage costs at the distribution centers.

Our Buyer's Consolidation services include: 

Bonded import/export Container Freight Station (Bonded-CFS) 
Non bonded Container Freight station 
Global in-transit product visibility from factory to door